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Diep.io: Tank

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Tank is known as the most fundamental type of character that you will take control in Diep.io game. You will begin your game by moving this one around the map to execute your mission. It develops into some of the discrepant classes. Each of them has own features, such as the Twin, the Machine Gun, the Sniper or the Flank Guard


The tank is composed of two parts, including the barrel and the body. The barrel is the starting point of bullets fired, and you can utilize this part to aim accurately. The body is the breakable part of the tank. It can take damage easily, and once it takes, your tank will be damaged for sure.

Utilizing the Tank

You will have to use the mouse or keys WASD to control your tank. Press keys ADWS to move around. You can use them at the same time to transfer at a 45° angle. If you want to point the gun, you need to control your mouse and hover it in the direction that you want.

Developing and Upgrading

When your tank reaches level 15, it will be able to develop into one of the classes that were already mentioned above. When you are at level 15, the icons will turn up on the left, along with an image of every class and the names. You need to click the one that you want to change into.
Check out Upgrade Tree (link) to find out the discrepant upgrade perks and ways to improve the tank.

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