Diep.io: Tier 4 Classes

Diep.io: Tier 4 Classes

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Let’s extend your tank classes collection with Tier 4 in Diep.io game now! This awesome multiplayer game is very addictive and funny to play. Tank class is one of the most outstanding features that always draw the attention of players. You can take control of your primary tank, try to increase your level, overcome all obstacles and try your best to level up your tank. Once your tank is upgraded, you can change it into various strong types, giving you more powers to defeat the enemies surrounding.Now, let’s discover Tier 4 classes and see what classes you can evolve into!


This is a tank that you can improve from overseer (Sniper Level 30) at level 45. All skill of launching bullets will be lost, but it can call minions by destroying the yellow squares, where it will become orange and go behind the necromancer. The number of minions that a necromancer has will be restricted. The first attack of a necromancer is to utilize its minions to battle the tanks and obstacles that are close by. The second strike is to click the right mouse, and the minions would fly out instantly, giving out damage to the players and impediments being attacked by the squares.

Octo Tank

Develops from Quad Tank (Flank Guard Level 30). It fires out in up to 3 directions without ceasing. You can get this one at level 45


This is a class of tank you can upgrade from overseer at level 45. It acts like overseer a lot, but it will create more triangular bullets at a quicker rate.

Penta Shot (coming soon)


Stalker belongs to Tier 4! When it doesn’t move or shoot, it will become invisible. It can become one of the most powerful classes in the game

Evolution and Upgrades

Stalker is only level 45 selection for the Assassin. Be sure to max out your Bullet Damage, Penetration, and Speed and you must get at least some reload. Health Regeneration it not compulsory.

Having the invisibility will help this class to become the most powerful aspect of the Tank. Just sitting at one place and then waiting for the enemies to come to you demonstrates easily. Just let them sit, or approach, and drop your cover with some of the rounds that are well-placed. Don’t let the opponents approach closer when you are in invisible form. They probably get a chance to shoot and attack your tank, blowing your cover away.

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