Diep.io Controls

Diep.io Controls

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Diep.io is a famous multiplayer shooting game online taking you to the space filled with a lot of tanks. The game has just been released recently but immediately, it attracts more and more players. There are some of the outstanding features in the game that you may experience, such as gameplay, unique graphics, tanks, weapons, and so forth. Among of them, probably the controls of the game will make your game easier to play. Also, with the appearance of Diep.io Mods, all players can experience more awesome features that have just been added to the game and aid them in playing. Let’s find out those controls now!

Basic controls:

-To move and direct your tank around the space, you will use for keys on your keyboard, including W, A, S, D.
-For aiming and shooting at the opponent tanks, use your mouse and click left mouse to shoot

New Features in Diep.io Mods:

-To automatically shoot at opponents, hit key E
-To zoom in or zoom out, use the mouse wheel scroll
-You can see the mini-map to know your current position in the game.

If you want to know how to download, install or uninstall extension from your browsers, check out this link

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 Chrome extension

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