Diep.io game: Obstacles/Mob

Diep.io game: Obstacles/Mob

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Diep.io game has become an addictive and popular multiplayer tank game online recently and the attraction of the game seemingly never wants to cool down. The game is still drawing much attention of players and promises to become another successful game that has “.io” extension. If you are a huge fan of tank games online, you shouldn’t skip this one. In the game, you will have to control a tiny tank and move it around the map to kill other enemies before they kill you. Destroying enemies is such a big problem because it’s never easy! One of the most noticeable things in Diepio game is about the obstacles/mob that most of the players have to face while making their movements. If you have no idea about what obstacles you will encounter, then have a look at this article to check them out!

Blue pentagons

The Blue Pentagons are known as the largest impediments/mobs in the game and offer the most scores (large ones offer 3000 scores while the smaller ones offer 130 points). They have two sizes, along with the health of them that can be equivalent to 5 small pentagons

Yellow squares

Yellow squares are usual obstacles, and you can see them around the map. You can destroy it with just 2 shots using your common tank without upgrades, or you can use a common tank that is upgraded with the choice of “Bullet Damage” of any level and kill it with 1 shot. After being killed, it will offer 10 points of the score to a player who destroyed it. That amount of points is kind of enough to level up, from 1 to 2, but it has minimal influence on reaching higher levels. When a Necromancer destroys it, the block turns into one of its minions, becoming orange and trying to assault other tanks that are closed by, depending on the body damage of Necromancer

Red triangle

Red Triangles are another type of obstacle that you will see when moving around the map. You can wipe it out with 5 shots from a usual tank without using any upgrades, or you can utilize a common tank with a choice “Bullet Damage” upgraded once and launch 3 shots. When being destroyed, it will deal 25 points to the one who destroyed it. You sometimes get confused between the red triangles and pink triangles that want to destroy you too. The red one stays passive, and it only gives out damage to the ones who collided with it. Also, you may get confused with the overseer and the bullets of overlord. These bullets are tiny, darker a bit, and they move.

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