Diep.io: Tier 2 Classes

Diep.io: Tier 2 Classes

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It’s time to check out class Tier 2 in Diep.io game, which includes some of the types such as Flank Guard, Machine Gun, Sniper, and Twin. You will find out a lot of information about these sorts. It will help you a lot when you are about to upgrade and evolve your tank.

Flank Guard

This can shoot at enemies forwards and backwards. You can improve it from usual Tank at level 15. You can improve it more into some of the tank sorts: Quad Tank (level 30), Twin Flank (level 30), Tri Angle (level 30).

Machine Gun

Gun will increase the point of view and launches bullets at a faster speed


Increase the kind of vision as well as the bullet spoil. This is not a fast class, and it has slower reload, along with higher damage. You can improve it from a usual tank at level 15. Also, you can upgrade it more into some of the sorts: assassin (level 30), overseer (level 30), hunter (level 30), stalker (level 45), overlord (levels 45) and necromancer (level 45).


Comprises of a second gun shooting at an equivalent rate. You can upgrade it from a usual tank at level 15.


The Twin basically increases the fire rate of the fundament tank twice. You can utilize it to quickly clear up areas of squares and triangles, or strike another opponent with sufficient rounds.

Before improving the Twin, you need to ensure that your reload is strong and high, and the bullet damage is maxed. You may need to get at least Bullets Penetration so that you can get rid of all obstacles and kill opponents.

It’s up to your strategy; you probably want to improve Health Regeneration and Max Health throughout your time being a Twin. This is good for you to camp in the center of the map and destroy opponents, or just think about boosting your Movement speed to the max and Bullet speed to keep a secure distance from the opponents.

Class Evolution

The Twin will evolve into the Triple Shot and the Twin Flank. Take a look at these classes and try to stay concentrated on your upgrade tree and advance it in an effective way.

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