Diep.io: Tier 3 Classes

Diep.io: Tier 3 Classes

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Let’s continue to explore various tank classes that belong to Tier 3 in Diep.io game! In this Tier 3 collection, you will have a chance to take a look at powerful tanks that you can use to defeat the enemies.

Tier 3 Classes

Assassin (coming soon)


This Tier 3 upgrade provides your tank with a large cannon that can fire largest bullets in the game and give out immense damage. It also possesses a big recoil that can be utilized to thrust yourself while running away.


It can fire up to six small-sized bullets at once! If you want to avoid enemy shoot, you should try to max out the reload, bullet damage and penetration. You can get this class by developing Sniper

Machine gun

Gun develops the point of view and launches bullets faster

Overseer (or Overwatcher)

The Overseer utilizes red triangle bullets to assault the opponents. One Overseer can only have less than 8 bullets. All bullets will come behind the overseer if no button is clicked on the mouse. If you click left the button on mouse, the bullets will move to the area of mouse cursor gently, giving out damage to the impediments or players in its way and this is its first assault. The secondary assault is when you click the right button on mouse. All bullets will move away from the mouse cursor. You can improve it from the sniper at level 30 and improve it more into overlord and necromancer. When it gets destroyed or evolved into a necromancer, all bullets will be gone!

The red triangular bullets of overseer are often called “Doritos” because it is kind of like the snack

Quad Tank

This class possesses 4 common cannons that are ringed around the base in a plus form. You should target for the opponent bullets with the fore cannon, and let other cannons destroy enemies. It can be improved from a Flank Guard at level 30.


This is a sort of tank that you can improve from the flank guard at level 30. It has a big cannon at the peak and two tiny ones on the back. It can become very terrible, but if you develop it accurately, it can be a nice hunter

Triple shot

You can develop it from twin at level 30, it fires three bullets: one goes forwards, and one goes at 45 degrees.


This class possesses 3 guns that point the similar direction, and it can launch usual sized bullets. You should max out the penetration and bullet damage so that your bullets can defend you from being attacked by the opponent fire. You can upgrade it from triple shot

Twin flank

It works like the Twin and the flank guard, but it has the skill to fire in both directions

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