How to Download Mods

How to Download Mods

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If you are a Google Chrome user, you need to check out this full tutorial on how to install or remove the user script in your own browser. At the moment, some of the users are having problems with the user script installations since the Google Chrome has been updated and changed. However, all those issues will be gone now once you check out a full guidance below showing you how to add Tampermonkey extension in Google Chrome that is kind of like Greasemonkey add-on in Firefox.

How to Install Mods on Google Chrome

Step 1: Go to Tampermonkey extension and then begin to install it. After the extension is done installing, there is a Tampermonkey icon popping up, and it’s kind of close to the Menu button in Google Chrome.
How to Download Mods Step 2: Now, go to Mods and then search for the Mods that you wish to install. After that, you just open it and click the Install button
How to Download Mods Step 3: Now, when you finish, you can refresh the page for the instant effect from the script that was just installed, you can edit that script too if you want. Just hit “Tampermonkey” icon button so that you can move to Dashboard. The user scripts list will turn up, and you just choose one of them for your alteration. Then, save all the modifications that you just did!
How to Download Mods

How to Install Mods on Firefox / Safari

Step 1: Greasemoneky extensions are things you have to install on Firefox, and Tampermonkey is for Safari
For those who haven’t had Greasemonkey installed, they can go to this to download it.
Step 2: Click to download the Mods

Install this Script ?

Step 3: Hit Install button when you are reminded by Greasemonkey to admit the script installation to Firefox
How to Download Mods
Step 4: Keep reading if you want to learn on how to correct the script

Steps to Disable other Mods Scripts/Extension?

Disable/Remove other user scripts in chrome:

Step 1: Hit Tampermonkey icon button to go to Tampermonkey Dashboard, then choose Dashboard
How to Download Mods Step 2: A user scrip list will turn up, now you can find the user script that you want to remove, then hit “delete” button
How to Download Mods
Step 3: Now, you have to affirm the removal. Just hit OK button and then the user script will be disappeared forever on the Dashboard
How to Download Mods

Steps to uninstall an Other Extension on Chrome?

Step 1: Select menu on your browser, then choose more tools, then go to Extensions
Step 2: On the extension that needs to be deleted, select Remove from Chrome.
Step 3: There will be a notification relating to this removal turning up. Just click Remove

If you see an Icon on the extension in your toolbar of Chrome, just click right mouse on that icon and choose Remove from Chrome so that that extension will be uninstalled.

If you want to take a look at your Chrome extensions, you need to go to chrome://extensions for further info!

Steps uninstall user script on Firefox:

Step 1: Click Menu on the peak of Firefox, select Tools, then go to Greasemonkey, then choose Manage User Scripts.
How to Download Mods Step 2: Choose the script that needs to be edited, and hit “Remove” button
How to Download Mods
Step 3: Finish.

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