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Curve Fever is another multiplayer game online that is becoming more and more popular all over the world. The game offers such a unique game style and amazing gameplay. Surely you will be kept glued once entering the game! In the game, you will take control of a yellow dot which will show you your current position; then you can begin your curve. You should make an effort to control and turn your curve carefully. While moving, you shouldn’t crash into yourself, into the other opponents and the borders. Otherwise, you will die and of course, your game will come to an end. There are some curves that have holes, and you can pass through them if you want. Also, you should snatch up some power-ups to increase your strength, but be aware that those power-ups will have limited time, they will stop when the time runs out. If you see an opponent die in front of you, you will get 1 point for that, and you will become the winner if you approach a certain amount of points first. Play Curve Fever game now and see how long you can curve!

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