Detail Game

Are you ready to step into the world full of snakes? Let’s engage in game online now and start your challenges. In the game, you will direct your own snake and then roam around the game arena to hunt for colorful pellets that scatter around the space. At first, your snake is extremely small and kind of weak and very vulnerable to the larger opponent snakes. Therefore, your first goal in the game is to eat as many pellets as possible so that you can increase your length and turn longer. Then, you will go to places that have a lot of opponents, perform your skills, strategies or any tips that you have acquired to bring down the enemies. Once a snake is dead, you should go grab its dead fragments to grow up your length faster. However, you should be aware of other snakes around, don’t crash into them, or else your game will end. You can lure them to run into you, kill them well and snatch up their fragments. Enjoy this Slitherio game now! Good luck!

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