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Are you ready to enjoy game online which is multiplayer tank game at This is one of the most famous “.io” games on the Internet these days and lots of gamers around the world are addicted to it. promises to become the best website that will bring you a lot of useful information, services and awesome news regarding this game. For those who have already become users of this site, they should take a look at the document called Privacy Policy which can describe their rights and obligations of All users are required to read this privacy carefully before using the services here.

Log Files

Most of the websites utilize Log Files, and this tool consists of some information on ISP-Internet Service Provider, IP-Internet protocol addresses, the browsers, the visitor information, time for visiting and so forth. Additionally, the log files are very helpful for the webmaster to investigate and pick more demographic data, run the website, or keep an eye on the users’ action.


All information regarding the users’ preferences will be maintained and held in Cookies. Cookies can track the users or alter the content of the page, particularly when the users start to utilize some types of browser.

Web Beacons

Using Web Beacons can help keep track of the navigation through a website or other websites. They can also be used with cookies to get an understanding of how the users can browse a website and receive the content displayed on that site

DoubleClick DART Cookie

The third party that delivers advertisements through using cookies is Google. With the appearance of Dart Cookie, the ads are given to the clients easily by Google. And those ads can be linked to this site or other ones.

If a user doesn’t want to use cookies or doesn’t want to find out about this, they can Google it and search for this link: to discover the information of privacy policy.

The third parties will operate the ads and links after utilizing their technology. Then, the users will receive the ads straightly through their current browsers. Some of the technologies that the third parties use are Cookies, Web Beacons, or Java Scripts. They want to find out and evaluate the successfulness that the ads bring.

All users are highly recommended to ask more info about the privacy policies of the advertisers to obtain more details. In addition, if users want to prevent the cookies from working, they can do that via individual browser options.

If you need to discover about how to operate the cookies or browsers, you can check them out at some of the websites that have separate browsers.