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Terms of use are very important to all of the users of all websites. Once coming to Diep-io.org, all users are required to have a look at the terms before utilizing the information and services given by the website. Learning the terms, rules and regulations of a website will prevent you from breaking or doing bad things to a site. If you know those terms, you can use the services and information very easily.
As we know, Diep.io game is a famous multiplayer tank game online that draw much attention of gamers all over the world. The administration team of Diep-io.org is so thankful for those who have chosen our website and used it to get more information as well as new updates. Hopefully, with the terms of use of Diep-io.org, they will bring you the best moments here!

Terms of Diep-io.org

As an owner of Diep-io.org, all users are required to follow the rules below when coming to this site:
Firstly, a user doesn’t have any allowance to remove or change the content or anything displayed on this site. The website is made to let everyone use the information for their research and experience.

Secondly, all quantity and quality of content that are exhibited on this site won’t be received any sorts of assurance by either the owner or third organizations. The quantity and quality can be known as accuracy, appropriateness or the completion though they are agreed by law. As a consequence, the users need to be in charge of what they are doing or using on the site.

Thirdly, there are some of the elements including layout, graphic, content, design here and they will be owned by us. If the user makes any copies of these components, their action will be regarded as unlawful piracy.

Lastly, if the operator copied doesn’t own any logos, they will be regarded on this site.
Taking everything into consideration, the users are incapable of causing anything bad to the sire, like breaking the rules or something like that. If they execute the bad actions on purpose like destroying or unsanctioned use, their action will be regarded as culpability. For that reason, you should be careful when using the service and information here.

In addition, you should notice that Diep-io.org contains some of the links that can connect to other ones in order to bring more convenience to the users. They can select the related links to obtain more information relating to the topic that they are currently checking out. But the content of other sites will not be displayed here.